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Ahad, 22 Julai 2012

Flowers for wedding

Mood saya hari ni saje gatal-gatal merayap melihat benda-benda menarik di internet. Dan tetiba, Allah beri idea untuk kongsikan sesuatu tentang bunga-bungaan. Rupa-rupanya, banyak benar spesis bunga yang saya tak tau. Mana taknya, bukannya saya ni minah bunga sangat. Kalau tahu pun hanya bunga ros, carnation, lili, orkid, bunga raya (ni kalau tak tau mau keluar dari Malaysia ajelah) dan bunga daffodil. Yang lain, hampeh tak tau. Yang tau cuma, "eee... lawalah bunga tu. Cantiklah bunga tu." Ayat tu ajelah yang selalu keluar dari mulut ni. Hehehe...

Jom saya kongsikan antara bunga-bunga yang selalu digunakan untuk wedding. Tak kisah lah melayu ke, cina ke, omputih ke, janjinya kahwinnnn...
Jom layan gambar dan sedikit detailsnya yang dicilok dari internet @ blog princesssassy... TQ ya untuk info ni...

Native to North American soil, these flowers are an annual that come in a range of shapes and colors. White zinnias mean goodness, while red zinnias symbolize constancy. They're also believed to be a favorite bloom of butterflies. 

The blooms are extra large roses with extra lush heads. They're extremely temperature sensitive and do not thrive well in extremely hot or cold areas. Roses in full bloom are believed to mean "I love you."

Next to the rose and chrysanthemum, tulips are the most popular flower in the world. Though not very aromatic, they come is a rainbow of colors, and a wide range of shapes and sizes. Tulips are said to symbolize imagination and the declaration of love.

This small, delicate flower resembling a butterfly is said to symbolize pleasure or bliss. They're often richly colored, in hues like red, pink, blue and lavender, but also white. Sweet peas have a long bloom season and make excellent cut flowers.

No wonder this simple, yet stunning white bloom is a wedding favorite—stephanotis is believed to mean happiness in marriage. These sweet little blossoms are very fragrant and bloom from spring to autumn.

These very small roses have only 5-10 small heads per stem. They're available in single hues or bicolor and are ideal for adding texture to an arrangement. The light pink variety symbolize perfect happiness and admiration, while the peach hued blooms mean desire.

Said to resemble the face of a dragon, these flowers symbolize graciousness. Their country of origin is unknown, but it's believed that snapdragons were once wildflowers of Spain and Italy. They're an annual bloom that's available in shades like white, yellow, burgundy, red, pink and orange.

Available during the winter and spring, these blooms originate in the Middle East. Their common meaning is radiant with charm.

Available in a wide variety of hues such as blue, pink and red, poppies have a characteristic dark marking in the center. The bloom's meaning varies by culture. In Persian literature, for example, it's the flower of love. In the U.S. and other commonwealth countries, poppies are the symbol worn to commemorate veterans.

Peonies, which bloom in late spring and early summer and are available in shades of red, white and yellow, symbolize a happy marriage, good health and prosperity. They're also commonly associated with the twelfth wedding anniversary.

Believed to have orginiated over 120 million years ago, the orchid, which means "a belle," is said to have aphrodisiac qualities. Samurai warriors supposedly grew orchids as a sign of a bravery and prowess. Other common associations include rare beauty, love and refinement.

Believed to have been grown over 3,000 years ago, longer than any other ornamental flower, lilies have several meanings. White lilies symbolize purity and modesty, while other varieties represent majesty and wealth. True lilies, such as the stargazer and Casablanca varieties, are never dormant. These blooms are the birth flower of May. 

Lilac flowers bloom on shrubs between mid spring and early summer. The buds are most commonly pale purple, but white and pink varieties are also cultivated. Purple lilacs symbolize first love, while white lilacs represent of youthful innocence.

Taken literally from the Greek goddess of the rainbow, irises symbolize eloquence and promise. They're available year round, peaking in the spring and early summer, and come in a variety of colors including white, purple, and yellow. These blooms are also the birth flower for the month of February.

Available from spring until autumn, hyrdangea literally means water barrel, which refers to the shape of the fruit it bears. These blooms come in a variety of colors including white, pink, blue and purple and are believed to symbolize understanding.

Common hyacinth, not to be confused for grape hyacinth, is a bulb plant with long, thick leaves and bell-shaped blooms that grow in clusters. It's a perennial plant that typically blossoms during March and April and is very fragrant. Hyancinth grows in a variety of hues such as blue, lavender, white, pink, yellow and peach. Blue hyacinths can symbolize sincerity. Other colors can mean loveliness, play and constancy.

Gardenias are a sweet-smelling flower with white petals and dark green leaves. Native to tropical regions such as Africa, Australia and southern Asia, they are extremely delicate and typically bloom from May through July. Gardenias are believed to mean sweet love and good luck.

In season from summer to early fall, these blooms can grow to over 20 feet high in one season. Dahlias are said to mean gratitude and dignity and have many color varieties including pink, purple, red, yellow, white, and orange.

One of the first flowers of spring, daffodils are perennials that typically bloom and flourish from March to May. They can symbolize many things including friendship and new beginnings. They're also the birth flower of March. Besides yellow, daffodils also come in white, yellow and white, yellow and orange, pink and lime green.

The word cymbidium comes from the Greek “kymbe” meaning a boat, referring to the hollowness in the lip of this flower, which typically has five pointed petals on each bloom. In ancient times, the Asian Cymbidium was considered the gift of respect and friendship.

Also known as celosia, these flowers symbolize humor, warmth and silliness. They bloom from late summer until fall and can be seen in vibrant yellows, pinks, reds and golds.

The name of this bloom comes from the Greek prefix “chrys,” meaning golden (the color of the original flowers) and “anthemon,” meaning flower. It is available year round, but peaks in the late summer and fall. Color varieties include white, green, orange, red, burgundy, and yellow. The Japanese use it as a symbol of longevity and happiness, but other popular meanings include optimism, truth and cheerfulness. It is also the birth flower of April.

One of the most popular flowers in the world—and the longest lasting— carnations have many meanings including love, luck and fascination. They are also the birth flower of January. 

This luxurious blossom contains about 30-40 petals and blooms from early spring until late fall. It's a deep, dark shade of red and is believed to symbolize beauty, passion and love.

Also known as Gypsophilia, baby’s breath is a bushy annual with dainty white or pink flowers that represents innocence. It is available year round and the most widely used variety is called Million Star.

“Wind flower” is a common nickname for the anemone, which comes from the Greek word anemos or wind. They're a perennial herb that generally blooms in shades of white, red, blue and occasionally yellow. The most popular variety is the Japanese anemone, which blossoms in fall. Anemones signify expectation.

Native to the rocky regions of South Africa, amaryllis, also known as the belladonna lily, is funnel-shaped flower. Not to be confused with the popular red holiday flower commonly referred to as amaryllis, true amaryllis blooms are white with red streaks, but can also come in pink or purple. The flower typically symbolizes pride.

Jumaat, 20 Julai 2012

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JOM kita isikan bulan Ramadhan ini dengan aktiviti berfaedah dan semoga amalan kita diterima olehNYA... Aminnn...


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